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One Team – one Mission:
Moving what matters,
Driven by Couriosity
for Performance that lasts.

Working at Noxon

Your background, education, or industry doesn’t matter. What matters?

If you have passion or  talent that results in a great performance, come help us to redesign muscle health in our society.


take a look at our

Open Positions

Nothing fits? No problem, send us an unsolicited application to info@noxon.io


Interested in circuit design for neuromuscular systems and already have experience? Great, let's get started-


Backend development, AI with muscle activity, or UI/UX design sound interesting? Great, you welcome to join us!

Clinical Affairs

Medical regulation, QMS, and Clinical Affairs are your areas of expertise? You are welcome to support.


If you're into printing, have a passion for chemistry or knowledge in prepress let's get started.

take a look at our

Student Opportunities

PhDs, Theses & Internships

You are searching for a great PhD, theses, internship or a job as working student. Let's get in contact, we have 4 open positions you might like.


Moving what matters, Driven by Couriosity for Performance that lasts.

Team Spirit

I don't know, let's try!

We're pioneering new tech, shaping tomorrow's landscape. For Challenges there are no ready-made solutions, but that's the thrill. Finding new ideas keeps us engaged. With the motto 'I don't know, but let's try,' we've conquered every challenge so far.

Team Spirit

A great place to sleep!

Our office isn't just for work; it's where passion fuels us. We get so absorbed that time slips away. Our space is set up for this vibe, with teammates who enjoy late-night creativity sessions and plenty of snacks and cozy couches to keep us going.

Team Spirit

diverse faces, equal opportunities!

Our team is embracing diversity by including all genders, backgrounds and beliefs and is committed to mutual respect. With us, everyone has the same opportunities to develop.

Team Spirit

no softies but smoothies

strong smoothies
We prioritize open and direct communication to enhance transparency within the company. Communication occurs daily, and what better time to chat than during a smoothie break? That's why we enjoy smoothies every single day.

Team Spirit

open minds & open tasks

In our environment of open minds and open tasks, there's a strong emphasis on personal responsibility for topics. By embracing this level of autonomy, we create a dynamic atmosphere where everyone feels empowered to contribute and make a difference.