„we want to give everyone the chance to get the most out of their muscles“

we make muscle health visible

we replace printing ink with nano dispersions to print biosensors. We use this innovation to bring medical measurement methods from diagnostics into everyday life. Our focus is the measurement of muscle activity (sEMG).

properties of the new sensors

Noxon sensors and cables are  flexible and can be stretched by more than 200% with a layer thickness of approx. 25 µm.

Using mass printing production we have  lower costs and need less resources. Additionally, the production process is easily scalable.

The application of the sensors is possible on a wide range of materials. Examples are textiles, skin, plastic, wood and metal surfaces.

what will we change?

coming soon …


The integrated sEMG enables the analysis of the interaction and performance of the leg muscles.

The integration transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation enables treatment pain and build up shortened muscle groups.

Our Partners

about us

Maria Neugschwender (CEO)

B. Ing. Print- and Mediatechnology

Responsible for strategy and business development.

Ka Hou Leong (COO)

B. Sc. Electrical Engineering 

Responsible for development and implementation of internal business processes.

Marius Neugschwender (CTO)

M. Sc. Physics

Responsible for research collaberations as well as technical development.

Martin Ruppenthal (CFO/ CO-CEO)

Serial Entrepreneur

Development of financial strategy and management of funding opportunities.

Our interdisciplinary team is growing.


Noxon GmbH
Agnes-Pockels-Bogen 1
80992 Munich