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"We create unstoppable motion."

Moving freely is a basic human need. But for some, it's a struggle.

That's why we're making unstoppable motion possible with our bionic sensors.

Our sensors seamlessly merge precise muscle diagnostics with neurorehabilitative therapies. Designed to be discreet and barely noticeable, they can be integrated into any textiles and offer functionality while providing comfort like normal sportswear.

properties of the bionic sensors

strechable 150%, layer thickness 25 µm

cost-efficient and easy scalable production

applicable to various surfaces (textile, foil, metal)

what will we change?

coming soon ...


BIONIC SILVERSTEP prevents muscle atrophy due to FES and measures the muscle activation of the different leg muscles.

Our Partners

our founders

Maria Neugschwender (CEO)

Marius Neugschwender (CTO)

Ka Hou Leong (COO)