Smart contract address has been changed.


1) Previous contract (0x3F2D17ed39876c0864d321D8a533ba8080273EdE) was deployed to the network before "DAO hack" and not safe.
2) You can view new address on the site.
3) All old tokens can be traded to new 1:1.
4) All earnings now forward to the new contract.
5) Old tokenholders still can "sell" their old tokens to the old contract.

New features.
1) Better UX, for burn tokens: just "transfer" they to the contract address.
2) Safety improvements.
3) Full ERC20 standart support.
4) Rename ticker (SHARE -> NOXON)
5) Add manager role
6) All other conditions remain unchanged

How to get new tokens?
1) Transfer old tokens (via to 0x873351e707257C28eC6fAB1ADbc850480f6e0633
2) Contact administrator vie email [email protected]
3) You will recive new tokens in 24 hours.